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Blarney Boys feature many of Ireland’s favorite songs, powerful Irish dancing from a world champion lineup of dancers & a live band!

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The Blarney Stone in County Cork, Ireland is synonymous with Irish & Celtic Folklore. They say if you kiss the Blarney Stone you will inherit the gift of the gab. Imagine if you were born holding a piece of it in your hand…

Blarney Boys is the story of four fine Irishmen. Four upstarts who not only kissed the Blarney Stone, they were born grasping it! Traveling the world performing their own take on the biggest hits from Ireland’s illustrious culture.

A pint of Guinness in hand, they were just four guys from Blarney, until they sang their very first note. They had a sound that nobody had ever heard defying the odds to become world renowned and setting the stage alight wherever they land.

Welcome to the world’s first Irish Dance Jukebox Musical!